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Britney Girlie


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Britney - Seduction in pink.

Trendy and sexy, these are the features of Britney which is a mini vibrator with rills in different sizes which are responsible for an additional stimulation. Above all the rills will abduct you to a location you never dared to dream of.

The exciting mini vibrator can find the door to your intimates section anytime because of its top which is perfectly formed. It is not impressive only because of its size, it is also impressive because of the rills and curves which are conceived ideally. Try to find out if the selective stimulation or the complete use is responsible for driving you wild. The quietly and specially efficient engine is started by simply pressing a button. You can choose the one from a total of 7 different vibration possibilities by pushing once more who stimulates your feelings so perfectly that not only one orgasm is for certain the consequence.

It doesn't matter if you or your partners use it for a sensual game. Girlie Britney is a faithful companion, who for certain won't find its use only in the local four walls due to its size. The pink Girlie Toy provides intimate moments also in the swimming pool or at the lake from a velvety duroplastic which are unforgettable. Hot water games let your pulse react, just like the pure seduction outside the wet realms.

To grant you more than only one elation, Britney needs two customary AA batteries which aren't contained in the scope of supply.

Length: 13 cm

Diameter: 2 cm

Material: Duroplastic ABS


• 7 vibration speeds

• Without phthalate

• Smell neutral

• Antiallergic

• Waterproof